Pathway Summer, 7,5 högskolepoäng
Pathway Summer, 7.5 credits
Kursplan för studenter vår 2020
Kurskod: PWSG19
Fastställd av: Utbildningsrådet 2018-03-07
Reviderad av: Utbildningsrådet 2019-11-20
Gäller fr.o.m.: 2020-07-13
Version: 2
Utbildningsnivå: Grundnivå
Utbildningsområde: Humanistiska området (90%) och samhällsvetenskapliga området (10%)
Ämnesgrupp: EN1
Fördjupning: G1N
Huvudområde: Engelska


On successful completion of the Pathway Summer course, students will:

Kunskap och förståelse

1. Understand the main content and essential details of English spoken at a relatively rapid pace, and in written English of various genres, and in more formal contexts.
2. Know the basics of academic writing and formal composition.
3. Know how to plan and deliver a formal presentation in English using basic rhetorical principles.
4. Know how to apply and use a range of academic study techniques and language strategies.

Färdighet och förmåga

5. In oral and written production and interaction in English, demonstrate the ability to present and discuss information accurately and clearly with some adaptation to purpose, recipient and situation.
6. Carry out effective research based on different research methods, using a range of sources, and critically assess and evaluate these.
7. Participate actively in classroom activities and be able to perform a range of tasks both individually and in a group setting.

Värderingsförmåga och förhållningssätt

The Intended Learning Outcomes concerning judgement and approach permeate and underscore the teaching methodology of the entire course, and are not specific to any sub-course or exam.
- Self and peer reflection on the development of skills and abilities.
- Critical evaluation of relevant information related to the different parts of the course.


The Pathway Summer course is a preparatory course for students who do not meet the level of required English proficiency for university studies in Sweden. The purpose of the course is to provide English language preparation in reading, writing, listening and speaking corresponding to the Swedish upper secondary school course English 6. The purpose is also to provide students with a small taste of Higher Education and life in Sweden.
The course consists of a single English language course, but students can also expect to learn and develop university academic skills alongside language activities. Knowledge will be gained through lectures, group discussions, assignments as well as study visits and workshops. Regular tasks will be set and marked to track progress.

Preparatory English Summer
The course consists of lectures, seminars and group activities in various fields of academic
English and has been designed specifically to meet the needs of non-native English speakers who
wish to develop their English language competencies and be able to communicate effectively in
an academic environment. In addition to the development of the four main areas of language
(reading, writing, speaking and listening), there is also a strong focus on academic skills
including research methods, research ethics, critical thinking, academic writing and oral
presentations. The course will be taught in an international context with a strong focus on active
participation and group discussion. Students will be given opportunities to share their own
experiences and in turn gain a deeper knowledge of living conditions, social issues and cultural
features in different parts of the world.

Course content and objectives include:
- Applied grammar
- Vocabulary building and academic language, both general and subject specific
- Language strategies and information literacy
- Academic reading and research
- Listening comprehension
- Academic writing and other genre specific writing
- Oral proficiency, communication and rhetoric


Lectures, seminars, group discussions, study visits as well as workshops. Active participation is required in group work and workshops in order to meet the
requirements of the course.

Undervisningen bedrivs på engelska.


High School Diploma and English language skills corresponding to:
IELTS 6.0 (no part below 5.5) or equivalent
Internet based TOEFL test 80, written test 21 or equivalent

Examination och betyg

Kursen bedöms med betygen Underkänd eller Godkänd.

The examination consists of written and oral assignments. Active participation throughout the course is required.

Poängregistrering av examinationen för kursen sker enligt följande system:
Group work and formal presentation13 hpU/G
Research and academic paper24,5 hpU/G
1 ILO3, ILO4, ILO5, ILO7
2 ILO1, ILO2, ILO4, ILO5, ILO6


Qualification Requirements
To obtain the course Certificate the student shall complete the course requirements of 7.5 credits. Active participation required in seminars, group discussions and mentoring sessions is compulsory in order to meet the requirements of the course.
Students with a conditional offer to a Bachelor- or Master programme at Jönköping University must successfully complete the Pathway Summer Programme before the start of the Autumn semester in order to be registered on the succeeding programme.

Title of Qualification
The course gives you a Course Certificate demonstrating skills equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary school course English 6 (English language requirement for degree programmes at Jönköping University).


All reference books and work books are provided on an individual and whole class basis.
Bespoke teaching materials, articles and handouts will be distributed by the class teacher or