Research Methods, 6 högskolepoäng
Research Methods, 6 credits
Kursplan för studenter vår 2021
Kurskod: TRMR28
Fastställd av: VD 2017-02-01
Gäller fr.o.m.: 2018-01-01
Version: 1
Diarienummer: JTH2017/2679-313
Utbildningsnivå: Avancerad nivå
Utbildningsområde: Tekniska området (95%) och samhällsvetenskapliga området (5%)
Ämnesgrupp: TE9
Fördjupning: A1N
Huvudområde: Produktutveckling


After a successful course, the student shall

Kunskap och förståelse

- Display deepened methodological knowledge of the main field of study
- Display knowledge of key concepts in philosophy science
- Display knowledge of key concepts in research methodology

Färdighet och förmåga

- Demonstrate good skills of independently formulating relevant research designs in the main field of study
- Demonstrate the ability to participate in research and development

Värderingsförmåga och förhållningssätt

- Demonstrate the ability to make judgments with regard to relevant scientific aspects and show awareness of ethical aspects of research and development in the major field of study
- Demonstrate an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of science, its role in society and people's responsibility for how it is used
- Demonstrate the ability to identify the own need of further knowledge and to take responsibility for the own knowledge development


The course covers the basic concepts in philosophy of science as well as different research perspectives / approaches. The course also includes a specialization in research methodology in the main field of studies including various methodological approaches, the role of theory, data collection approaches, primary and secondary data, and literature search. The course also includes methods for the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, the concepts of validity and reliability, critical review of own and others' work and ethical aspects of research including the implementation of anti-plagiarism guide. The knowledge developed during the course will also be applied on own work.


Lectures, exercises and assignments/project work.

Undervisningen bedrivs på engelska.


The applicant must hold the minimum of a bachelor’s degree (i.e the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits at an accredited university) with at least 90 credits in construction engineering or civil engineering, or equivalent. The bachelor’s degree should comprise a minimum of 15 credits in mathematics. Proof of English proficiency is required.

Examination och betyg

Kursen bedöms med betygen 5, 4, 3 eller Underkänd .

Poängregistrering av examinationen för kursen sker enligt följande system:
Examination13 hp5/4/3/U
Övningsuppgifter/Projektarbete3 hpU/G
1 Bestämmer kursens slutbetyg vilket utfärdas först när samtliga moment godkänts.


The literature list for the course will be provided one month before the course starts.

Title: Research methods for students and professionals, 2nd ed.
Author: Williamson, K. (2002)
Publisher: Centre for Information Studies, Wagga wagga, NSW